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Breakfast Archives

For ten years now, Otark has been cooking Sunday Breakfasts, every Sunday from 9 to 3. 
At first at café In de Roscam, later at Atelier Solarshop, now at Het Bos.
Ten years of waking up at 5 on Sundays, in time to meet night owls and early birds.

Each week the menu contains four to eight specials of which one is always a Sunny Side Up, one is often too spicy for some people, others can be plain or lyrical, seasonal or whimsical, and then there are the ices.

The specials are put together based on what’s harvested and what’s on my mind, they always begin in the completely personal and sometimes evolve into the far-out.  They are cooked up by the coming together of small happenings; a story,  a spice mixture of an Afghan shop owner, a song that plays in the bar. 

Here is an archive of selected menus, the archive will evolve, it is not definite.