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Pi Fasacc is a plaited filled pasta from Lombardia, specifically from the Val Camonica, Piazze d’Artogne.

The particular shape of the fold is found in various parts of Italy and the world -Azerbaijan, China, Japan – featuring as a dumpling or pastry. The folding requires a certain skill.

i could do this
patrick pleutin

‘I could do this for hours’

This vinyl record is the result of a research day during ARTICULATE, the 20st of Sep. 2017, where we folded Pi Fasacc.

The festival intended to create collaborations that transcend the confines of specific fields. Musician Eric Thielemans, artist Nico Dockx and a group of artists, thinkers, art students and researchers spent a day discussing, eating, listening to lectures, gigs, interventions and music. A research day with ‘the act of making and collaborating with others’ as the starting point.

Drawings by Patrick Pleutin